Me, the Photojournalist

Working as a journalist is a challenge, but working as a photojournalist is a unique challenge. 

Journalism is all about telling a story. You have an angle, you do some interviews, you sit down, you write, you edit. Someone else edits. It gets published. 

Then there’s photojournalism, which isn’t afforded those luxuries. You have to tell a story without words. There are no redos. Or scheduled interviews. Sometimes you only get enough time to squeeze off one photo. Sometimes you even miss that chance. It’s a fleeting thing. But it’s special. Once in a while, it speaks louder than words ever could. 

Working as a photojournalist was some of the most intense work I’ve ever done. I saw a lot working as a photojournalist, people at their best and people at their worst. I recorded it as best I could. I hope you felt like you were there.