Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Hair donation is completely under-appreciated. Pantene Beautiful Lengths celebrates it like no other.

When you donate with Pantene, you have an impact you can see. 


Leeah, my art director, really committed to this project. I tried to keep up. 

For Alex. 


Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find your next hairstyle, so we'll create animated ads to show them what their hair does for others. 


In-store + Packaging

Out of Home

As a way to thank donors, we'll use their signatures to create out of home murals.

Donation Kit

We put together a donation kit to streamline donations. It includes a tape measure, envelope for your hair, and thank you card for you to sign off on your donation.


Pantene Beautiful Lengths donation program needed a voice and a call to action. We streamlined the donation process to make the donation process easier than ever.

Behind the Scenes

I can write and sweep.

AD: Leeah Emerson